In The Spirit of Love

Posted by Michael on August 28, 2019 at 8:30 AM

In the spirit of love!

From my gay human experiences, accepting the love from friends and family with differing political/religious views can be a trying experience of love. At times it feels like friends and family love their guns and politics more than human life. I sometimes find it difficult to be around them as I try and Behold the God within others and within myself. I know they’re good people and I also know from my understanding of a God, that God loves everyone equally. So how do I love them as God loves them? Do I let them come up to Gods and my standards of love, or do I go down into the ditches with them?

The ditches are where many of us get saved. It’s where we feel and need and the presence of God. This presence of God can be felt through the spirit of Jesus, or through others showing the presence of God through them. It’s an unconditional love. We learn we’re never off our path. We learn it’s easier to love than to hate. For some of us, we have to lose what we have to understand our true self’s.

For many gay people, distancing ourselves from others is a painful but necessary experience. For other gay people it’s ‘freedom’ at last. But still yet…for some families, family is still family and we stick together. There’s always a compromise. Or is there?

Can I, do I have to accept the cruelty of Trump and his supporters? Do I have to stand by and watch others be traitors to America and its American values?

Being acceptance of gay people means questioning your religious faith and teachings. It may mean changing up your politics to extend God’s love to all others, but yet keeping religion out of politics. It would mean judging yourself and actions before other people judge you for them. It would mean walking with the spirit of God that’s within all of us.

The phrase "rainbow family" is also used to describe gay events. Its usage is used in many diverse ways. From an article about Paul Allen's rock-'n'-roll museum in Seattle: "Its name is also a reference to Jimi Hendrix's idea for a metaphorical "sky church," a rainbow gathering of people of all ages and races who would congregate in the name of music.

Imagine that, a “Sky Church.” Just feel the love of God in the sky. It’s as simple as changing a radio station to bring in a new tune. Thanks Jimmy…see you in the “sky church.”

For many people it’s still more important for them to follow their concept of a religion/politics, than to extend/demonstrate that love to others. I was lucky. Love always came first.

Rainbow Gatherings are an open invitation for people from all walks of life. People with different beliefs, to share different experiences, our love. To dance to music, music to the heart. The accepting of different foods, learning different cultures. Seeing the God that’s within us all.

When being spiritual. It may mean being open minded to the religious teachings of others, and being open minded about your own handed down from generation to generation declaring God to be imperfect and we needing saving from the father.

Finding our own understanding of love, as we know love to be. Is this Jimi Hendrix's idea for a metaphorical "sky church," a vibrational energy of love created by music spreading the spiritual energy of the love of God?

In 1962 a book Warriors of the Rainbow by William Willoya and Vinson Brown, which compares prophecies of major religious sects throughout the world with tales of visions from various Indigenous cultures.[26] Niman claims the fake prophecy was written by non-Natives as part of an Evangelical Christian agenda; Niman describes the source as purveying "a covert anti-Semitism throughout, while evangelizing against traditional Native American spirituality."

This has been a longstanding Rainbow rumor that the group is recognized by the elders of the Hopi people, or other Indigenous peoples of the Americas, as the fulfillment of a Native American prophecy, and that this excuses the cultural appropriation that is common in the group. This rumor was debunked as fakelore by Michael I. Niman in his 1997 People of the Rainbow: A Nomadic Utopia.[25] Niman traced the supposed Hopi prophecies.

Conspirators of another Evangelical Christian group are helping Trump spread his hate. Not me, I’m better than that.

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