Marijuana / Holy Smoke?

Posted by Michael on July 8, 2015 at 10:20 PM


I can't help but feel, and to say with certainty, that smoking marijuana brings me closer to God. That when presented clearly and with clarity of how marijuana helps me turn off my mind, expand my feelings and emotions, to ask the question behind the question behind the question in search for God's truth for myself. I think a good man could bring this understanding of awareness to the masses of people and allow smoking marijuana as a religious freedom. We create with our thoughts and our feelings. What I've discovered is that smoking marijuana expands my focus. Our brain and mind is how we focus. This is the reason, and why we’re creators and even deliberate creators of our own destinies because we allow the mind to focus.

This focusing creates a vibration. Humans are vibrational beings. The universe is a vibrational energy. Energy is something that can never be destroyed. So the way we understand this vibration is the way we understand what focus is. Focus is all about what we’re thinking, and speaking. So the way we understand how we focus, is on how we’re feeling. Our emotions determine how we're feeling. So when I discovered that when I pay attention to the way I feel, I can control the way I feel by focusing my thoughts. I can then get into the same vibrational energy as with the source that's within me. This source, is the source that's within us all. We can have this source vibrational energy walk with us throughout our day.

I think thoughts that are in alignment with what I feel source feels about me, or what source feels about anything, I feel that power of energy then going through me. Pretty amazing, so now I know with certainty I came from source energy. Every time I can, I then plug into this source energy. I can feel the power of this source. Like clarity more than confusion. Like happy more than sad. Like a feeling of love, more than a feeling of hate. I like feeling of appreciating, or optimism more than pessimism. Etc.

Stay High and Keep Grinning!


 Thoughts and Focus by my teacher "Best self talk - talk to God Ever" - Abraham Esther Hicks

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