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What does 'holier-than-thou' mean?

Are Spiritual people more loving than Religious people?


This phrase comes from Isaiah 65:5: ‘Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou’.


From a person as a receiver of a holier-than-thou point of expression: having or showing the annoying attitude of people who believe that they are morally better than other people. A holier-than-thou attitude some feel as a judgemental expression and a mind your own business attitude is returned.


The 'Holier-than-thou' person may ask the receiver a few questions. Do you understand that you are more than this human physical body?


So if you feel you are more than this human physical body it must include your spiritual body. Does it feel logical to you then, that you have been before this physical personality of your spiritual body and it's guiding you? And you will begin following this spiritual physical personality while on earth?


Knowing now that you are eternal and ongoing with a sense of what love is. Can you feel some logic in all this?


That you are on a journey with a God for the experience of knowing what true love is, and what it is not. Your connection to this Intelligent Being is allowing experiences for this God to experience as it resides within you. Now God doesn't have to imagine what true love is. God has us to experience it through.


So instead of my reacting to other peoples politics that harms me. I'm going to focus on the experience of this God within me, and me allowing love to be experienced.


I'm sorry to my Republicans supporter friends and family for offending you.


Can you feel that there is no wall or barrier between your earthly human side and your spiritual physical personality side of you? You're both one being.


Can you stretch your imagination to include the whole of you. The whole of you is the spiritual vibrational energy of this Eternal Source known also as God who resides within all of us and is a part of you. If you allowed God to experience in real time our 'now' through you, the now moment of what true love is, or what it isn't is our 'Holier-than-thou' experience.


Anyone can join us at any time.


I support the discussions of Esther Hicks. My intent is of educating and inspiring others through Esther Hicks teachings which are often credited as Abraham Hicks, She's an American inspirational speaker and author. She has co-written nine books with her late husband Jerry Hicks, presented numerous workshops on the Law of Attraction with Abraham Hicks Publications and appeared in the original version of the 2006 film The Secret.


As Abraham explained more fully about our oneness with God. My perspective and faith grew a little bit each day.


This non-physical spiritual part of you. Is fully, keenly aware of this human physical part of you. Can you find that knowledge and connect with it? It's worth finding.


Can you understand other people's concept of an Unconditional loving God. A love before any condition happens. A love where there's No need for a hell. "A love as it is on earth it is in heaven." Is that Religious Liberty?


With this knowledge you now know. You go in and out of this vortex of God's true love while here on earth, purposefully designed to bring us clarity, an understanding of God's true love. Why? To evolve. Because when you are within the presence of God you're finding yourself living a spiritual loving life on earth.


When we're going in and out of this vortex, it's to gain a love meant to be shared on earth. You're to gain more clarity of who we are with your Oneness with God.Therefore, as it is on earth. It is in heaven. How much love do you want to experience in heaven is dependent upon the love shown on earth.


Our human experiences who some people call sin, will bring us a number of contrasting experiences as it was designed to do, to create a asking. It's in our asking that we find our eternal beingness of who we are spiritually. Ask and you shall receive.


You can sorta figure that out can't you?


What level of love and understanding are you at? I have a good idea where I'm at. Do we have to lose what we have to understand our true beingness with God?


Or can we sorta figure it out?

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