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I took my chill pill

Posted by Michael on September 8, 2019 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I took my chill pill. So I'll tell you why I don't support a racist president. I'm happy with who I am and who I am not.


Thoughts turn into words. Words turn into actions. My actions of not supporting a racist president is a demonstration of who I am and who I don't want to be.


It does matter to me with the choices I make in my life.


If I was a bit of a racist it wouldn't bother me to be supportive of a president who doesn't appreciate human life as much as I do.


A fake Christian Republican would still consider themselves as a being a Christian despite the fact they voted for someone to take away from others. Thus, contrary to the Christian teachings of the love of God through us. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, etc., not seperating children from their parents. Over 12,000 lies this man has used since being president.


Republicans are Republicans for a you just be you, and I'll be me for my reasons.


I'm very happy with me. We're all on our own journey and are at different level of love. As it is on earth it is in heaven I feel. So please don't ask me to come down to a lower level of love as shown by most Republicans through their support with a vote.


Some family members love their guns more than human life. That's their choice. My choice is understanding with clarity of who I am in my spiritual world with an Intelligent Being who many people call God.


I always thought of myself as beginning at a higher level of love than most others. So did Grandma S. She took me aside one christmas eve in Houston Texas after we opened our gifts. Grandma gave me the crucifix cross her mother gave to her when she was a child. She said she wanted me to have it. There were 20 some other grandchildren she could have given it to at that time. Grandma saw the light of God within me. I'm sorry others don't see that light within me or themselves.


Michael row your boat ashore. God loves all people. You must too. Let them come up to your level of love. You don't need to go down to theirs. Words only guide them. Let them have their own experiences. This too will pass.

In The Spirit of Love

Posted by Michael on August 28, 2019 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

In the spirit of love!

From my gay human experiences, accepting the love from friends and family with differing political/religious views can be a trying experience of love. At times it feels like friends and family love their guns and politics more than human life. I sometimes find it difficult to be around them as I try and Behold the God within others and within myself. I know they’re good people and I also know from my understanding of a God, that God loves everyone equally. So how do I love them as God loves them? Do I let them come up to Gods and my standards of love, or do I go down into the ditches with them?

The ditches are where many of us get saved. It’s where we feel and need and the presence of God. This presence of God can be felt through the spirit of Jesus, or through others showing the presence of God through them. It’s an unconditional love. We learn we’re never off our path. We learn it’s easier to love than to hate. For some of us, we have to lose what we have to understand our true self’s.

For many gay people, distancing ourselves from others is a painful but necessary experience. For other gay people it’s ‘freedom’ at last. But still yet…for some families, family is still family and we stick together. There’s always a compromise. Or is there?

Can I, do I have to accept the cruelty of Trump and his supporters? Do I have to stand by and watch others be traitors to America and its American values?

Being acceptance of gay people means questioning your religious faith and teachings. It may mean changing up your politics to extend God’s love to all others, but yet keeping religion out of politics. It would mean judging yourself and actions before other people judge you for them. It would mean walking with the spirit of God that’s within all of us.

The phrase "rainbow family" is also used to describe gay events. Its usage is used in many diverse ways. From an article about Paul Allen's rock-'n'-roll museum in Seattle: "Its name is also a reference to Jimi Hendrix's idea for a metaphorical "sky church," a rainbow gathering of people of all ages and races who would congregate in the name of music.

Imagine that, a “Sky Church.” Just feel the love of God in the sky. It’s as simple as changing a radio station to bring in a new tune. Thanks Jimmy…see you in the “sky church.”

For many people it’s still more important for them to follow their concept of a religion/politics, than to extend/demonstrate that love to others. I was lucky. Love always came first.

Rainbow Gatherings are an open invitation for people from all walks of life. People with different beliefs, to share different experiences, our love. To dance to music, music to the heart. The accepting of different foods, learning different cultures. Seeing the God that’s within us all.

When being spiritual. It may mean being open minded to the religious teachings of others, and being open minded about your own handed down from generation to generation declaring God to be imperfect and we needing saving from the father.

Finding our own understanding of love, as we know love to be. Is this Jimi Hendrix's idea for a metaphorical "sky church," a vibrational energy of love created by music spreading the spiritual energy of the love of God?

In 1962 a book Warriors of the Rainbow by William Willoya and Vinson Brown, which compares prophecies of major religious sects throughout the world with tales of visions from various Indigenous cultures.[26] Niman claims the fake prophecy was written by non-Natives as part of an Evangelical Christian agenda; Niman describes the source as purveying "a covert anti-Semitism throughout, while evangelizing against traditional Native American spirituality."

This has been a longstanding Rainbow rumor that the group is recognized by the elders of the Hopi people, or other Indigenous peoples of the Americas, as the fulfillment of a Native American prophecy, and that this excuses the cultural appropriation that is common in the group. This rumor was debunked as fakelore by Michael I. Niman in his 1997 People of the Rainbow: A Nomadic Utopia.[25] Niman traced the supposed Hopi prophecies.

Conspirators of another Evangelical Christian group are helping Trump spread his hate. Not me, I’m better than that.

Thanks to these performers;

Licensed to YouTube by; Hillsong (on behalf of Hillsong Music and Resources LLC); Capitol CMG Publishing, LatinAutor, Adorando Publishing, ASCAP, Adorando Brazil, and 8 Music Rights Societies

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We are more than our religions

Posted by Michael on August 18, 2019 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Blog #2 – We are more than our religions

Having been raised a catholic. Growing up through the 1960’s and 70’s and graduating from High School in 1977. I know with certainty that we are more than our religions. We are all a Spiritual Being of an unconditional loving God. A love from this God before any condition happens.

When you know more about love then what your preacher knows. It’s time to move on.

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R.E.M. - Losing My Religion

Religions are conditional. Many people have good intensions with words. But the road to hell is paved with good intensions. (If you believe in a hell. I do not.)

Being Spiritual is allowing God to experience life through you. The best way to describe it is through a song.

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Make Me a Channel of Your Peace - Susan Boyle 

A spiritual person knows through experiences the love of God.

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Extreme - More Than Words

You’re never off your path. We’re always finding our own way home to a loving God. God just doesn’t join you in the ditches of hate. We come up to God’s level of love, or not.

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Phil Collins - In the air tonight

We all can love un-conditionally if we chose. “I’m only human” is an excuse for not wanting to be spiritual. You can take the long way home.  

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Supertramp, Take The Long Way Home

You can live life on love or fear. Republican’s live life on fear as shown through their words and examples they demonstrate.  Why else would Republicans seperate children from parents, lie, support a racist President?  Republicans love their gun's more than human life itself, etc., It's a lower level of love.  Dems do better. We try to live life on love. As shown through our experiences. Maybe it’s time for a change in your politics if you want to live a spiritual life. You can't support President Trump and be a loving spiritual person at the same time.  What would love do?

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Cool Change, Little River Band 

As it is on earth it is in heaven. We’re all at different levels of love.




Posted by Michael on August 18, 2019 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)

I read a statement, and in short it read, “…audiences don't think.”

I had to think about that. So here’s another thought.

Ranbir Kapoor said “I think, for a love story, the most important element is the music, since you don’t have action sequences or item numbers. It really draws in the audience and adds to at least 70 percent of the opening of the movie.”

I started this blogging stuff with hopes of bringing in new thought to those who welcome it. New thoughts of letting God experience life through you. 

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The Beatles - Let it be

I want my audience to think and to know that my words, anyone’s words, won’t do nothing but to help guide you. It’s our experiences in life that we learn from.

I also want to entertain your imagination with a new concept of God joining with the old concept of God to bring in more clarity in the knowing of who we are with this 'Intelligent Being' that creates universes.

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Sting - Every Breath you Take

This Intelligent Being is a Source of Energy, a Vibrational Energy of love. Why love? Because before us when all there was, was this Intelligent Being. It could only imagine what true love was. It could not experience it. So God took a handful of self and placed it over here or there. That smaller piece of God is us. We still knew the whole of God as all love. So God had to create love’s opposite which is fear.

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Whitney Houston - performing "I Will Always Love You

All of our decisions in life are made from either love or fear. How do you live your life?

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U.S.A. For Africa - We Are the World

So to know this Source of Energy is like changing the frequency on a radio station. If you want to hear a new song, you change the radio station. Knowing, you can always go back to your favorite station.

That’s what I’m offering to my audience, a new way to jam.

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Foreigner - I Want to Know What Love Is

Many of my thoughts come from various modern day teachers along with the teachings of Jesus.

One thing I do know is that God doesn’t need a hell or a dumping grounds for Gods mistakes. Anyone who has ever had a relationship with God would know that anytime away from God would be hell enough.

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REO Speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling

Ask and you shall receive!

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Journey – Faithfully

Heaven’s Joy to all.