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Is sound healer and founder of brain sync

Kelly Howell is highly acclaimed for her pioneering work in healing and mind expansion. With more than two million audio programs in print, and decades of experience, she is a leader in the field of self help audio.

Over the years, Kelly has worked in cooperation with eminent scientists, medical professionals, and brain researchers to develop her groundbreaking audio programs. Her clinically proven Brainwave Therapy programs are used in hospitals, and by renowned physicians and therapists around the globe. (Read More)

            When I heard this, I said to myself, "Wow, that's who I am."

The Secret Universal Mind Meditation imparts the sacred truths spiritual masters have taught for millennia. The secret is real and powerful. It starts by changing your belief system, slowly, subtly and gently while you sleep. As you are lulled into blissful slumber, The Secret is whispered into your ears--first audibly, and then just below the level of consciousness.   READ MORE visit...

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 Kelly Howell - Fulfil your heart's desire,

 To Experience Gods best

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What You Can Expect
This meditation gently encourages you to explore your hearts most sincere needs and desires.
You are guided to feel the fulfillment of your desires at a core cellular level. As you imagine and
embody already having what you desire, your energy field will expand to attract people and
opportunities that resonate with what you want. With regular practice your life will gracefully
reorganize to fulfill your hearts desire.
Clinically Proven Method
Fulfill Your Hearts Desire provides 60 minutes of soothing music combined with a unique
combination of brainwave frequencies scientists refer to as window frequencies. These are extremely
precise frequencies that seem to resonate and act on the body at a cellular level. Essentially, they
are highly specifi c frequencies that fi t through narrow biological windows and have a direct effect
on the cells.
Other Benefits
The special combination of Theta brain wave frequencies on this program induce expanded states
of consciousness associated with deep meditation. Cumulative benefi ts include: Greater clarity of
thought, increased creativity, more peaceful states of mind, enhanced ability to concentrate and
improved well being.
Instructions for Listening
Practice this meditation everyday for six weeks. Choose a time and place when you will not be
disturbed. Work towards embodying the experience of fulfillment in your mind, heart and body.
Allow yourself to indulge in the sensations of feeling completely fulfilled, as if you already have
everything you need. The more you can feel fulfillment at a cellular level, the sooner your life
will unfold with opportunities that resonate with your desires. Acknowledging even the smallest
synchronicities as they appear in your life will help build more positive momentum. Sit or lay
down with your spine straight, put on your headphones and follow the guidance on the CD.
To experience the brain optimizing effects of this program,
listen with headphones.


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Kelly Howell

     - Guided Relaxation

 To Experience Gods best

through Kelly,

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