"You Are What You Think?"                         

God=Rhonda Byrne gave experiences a name; she named it the "Law of Attraction.”  A Universal Law she says given to us by this Ultimate Universal Being many people call God. Like the Law of gravity, universal laws are needed to sustain life here on earth. 

It’s all about experiences and what you make them out to be. Your choices are only two; good or bad.  God=Michael

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          The Secret to Teen Power                          



If youve ever had a dream, a secret ambition, a passionate desire or goal, but had no idea how to make it real, then The Secret to Teen Power is for you.

                      The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne      "Must Watch and understand"  


 There are certain Universal Laws God created to sustain life on earth.


 “The Secret” suggests that there are many universal laws known only by a few. Sure we all know about the Law of Gravity, what goes up must come down. But are we aware of the powers of conscious thought? The Law of Attraction… you are what you think. People who set goals have experienced this most likely. You are what you think and when you don’t like who you are you change your thinking.


 Is this the last and final frontier for man to discover, the awareness of who we really are?

the Secret - by Rhonda Byrne  This is where Oprah describes about the secret and its impact to one's life. 


“The human voice can never reach..."

“The human voice can never reach the distance that is covered by the still small voice of conscience.”

 - Mahatma Gandhi

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When you discover

 "The Secret"

 You can do anything!

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Are we human


are we dancers?