Understanding Jesus, is it truly possible?                                 

I was in a good space before the car wreck with my God, a practicing catholic of great faith and belief. My faith      was enhance by my loss (sometimes you have to loose what you have to understand your true Being) as difficult  as that may sound and to believe. Struggles happen to all people with much faith and belief as well as to people  with little faith or no belief.                                                                                                                                        

I used to think that Jesus was sent to remit sins. That Jesus was the Great Mediator between myself and God. That Jesus could reason with God on my/our behalf who at times seems to be a stern and angry God. A God         sitting off in some place called heaven located somewhere we really do not know except for in the consciousness of our own minds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Now to me, the birth and death of Jesus brought about a conscious awareness of how God wanted us all to live.  Jesus was the Great Holy and Divine Liberator of mankind from all material bondage and limitations. The most       Divine teacher of them all. Jesus (to me) came to earth to show more fully the way to the real God, as God            wanted Jesus to do. To show that God is all Wisdom, all Truth, and most importantly, All in All. Jesus was sent by   God to show that God does not only dwells without us, but also within us. That God never is, nor can be         separated from us or any of Gods creations. That God came to us through Jesus to show that we might have a fuller understanding of life here on earth and that all mortal limitations are but man-made. Through the love of Jesus he showed us Gods love as just and loving. That the same Christ that lives in Jesus lives in us all.             

Many Christians believe and are convinced that God is ever willing and ready to reveal Gods self to all mankind as God has done to Jesus and others. By our own free will we let God come forth. I now believe with all sincerity that we are created equal; that all men are one man; that the miracles done by Jesus can be and will be done by all. As mysterious as God is, its actually our mortal concept of mans true purpose on earth that mystifies me. For me the souls main purpose is to fully realize itself while in the body. That the concept of God within us, and us within God; that God should become realized through you. Thus, the concept of God is turned into experience that God may also know of Self through our experiences. Other wise God could only imagine it.                      

God is experiencing your pain and struggles, along with everything else. In all fairness to the God within, did we create the situation we're in through our concept and expectations of God.                                                           

When you don't like something...change your thoughts about it.                                                                            

Jesus could have stopped the crucifixion as he too had choices. The question then is, why didn't he? My own opinion is that people were making Jesus into an idol as God, and for Jesus to redirect the attention back onto God he had to show that even by death mankind can not get around the eternal. Jesus found his self-realization of who he was and I'm finding mine. In time we'll all find our own way home. It's called God's unconditional love.



    I posted this on my blog on a different site, another wrote back and said; 

I like this. I think the message of Jesus is love.

I can't imagine that He would care one way or another what we believe about Him or his life.

I think He would only care that, one way or another, we got the message.      

 I credit and Thank

Neale Donald Walsch 


Baird T. Spalding

     for these thoughts and words  

  YASHUA BEN YOSEF  alias;  Jesus: The Man    

  He was born in a manger, died on a cross, created a new religion and became the most famous man of his age, but his life remains shrouded in mystery. History and archaeology shed light on the early experiences and forces that shaped Jesus' young life.

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   Was Jesus really a carpenter?  Without taking away from the God within Jesus, How did Jesus deal with being a man also? 

Jesus said; the things you see me do you shall do also, but greater.


  What were the jobs like in the time of the Bible? We've certainly heard about carpenters, but what were the other ways that people made ends meet? From Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee, from the Negev Desert to Jerusalem, our host Arne Kislenko will take a look at the professions of Jesus, his disciples, and the people they passed in the marketplace. There are a few surprises in store. Arne will try his hand at being a biblical farmer, shepherd, fisherman and camel-riding merchant. The Romans occupied the lands of the Bible in the first century. What was daily life like under their rule? With the help of archaeologists, biblical experts and mules, Arne learns how the land was tilled, the taxes got collected and priests served in the Holy Temple. For Jesus as well as for people weve never heard of, it was a time fraught with reward and peril, life and death...while trying to make a living.

             Is our image of Jesus' nativity scene skewed?


 Hear two different stories


Jesus as a child.


Jesus also made choices between

right and wrong,

follow heart or customs of life.


In the end, he followed his heart.

                Eighteen years of Jesus' life are unchronicled.



                                        Might Mary Magdalene have been a widow?


   In a reenactment from "The Man," a scene features John the Baptist. 
      Did John the Baptist influence Jesus beliefs?
            Was it John who first taught us to look inside, to look with-in?

 John roamed the earth as a wanderer. 

  John found God, or did God find John in John's alone time as he wondered.


                           Was it John's teachings that attracted Jesus to John? 

Jesus could have gotten a Jewish cleansing closer to home? Why did he travel to John?


But What About John?


Was it John's teachings of the cleansing of spirit that attracted Jesus?

a purification of self from the inside,  to be able to transform ourselves into a

Pure and Holy Being seeking the  Oneness with God that John had experienced through

his own self-realization of whom he truly is, an experience we all can experience.


Is that what Jesus was after?


 Did Jesus know he was special during childhood and wanted to tie it all

together to bring his thoughts into reality.


Do we understand what Jesus self-realization of himself is?


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     Jesus during and after being baptized by John, had his "Awakening", his "self-realization"  to which confirmed his True Being with God, having an understanding from with-in.

   Does everyone get a chance of having an awakening? 
Some do through; car wrecks, others wait till dying or when a terminal illness sets in. 
  For some a sense of loss when all/some is taken away from you,

or when all you have is you and your thoughts.  The stillness through silence and

                                            What if all we are ,are our thoughts about it? 

                    Is the mind the last frontier left to discover?

   Is that our souls main purpose; for our self-realization of whom we truly  are?
                           Our "Equal To God Status"
                                            We too can Love Unconditionally if we choose!
                            Did Jesus have a strong voice?
 How many actually heard his "Sermon on the Mount?"
             Experts examine the places he went, the long-dead language he spoke,
     and the lessons he taught to find out how Jesus spread his word.





   Jesus turns to violence in the temple.


      Did Jesus appoint Judas to help him orchestrate his own crucifixion?

Who ultimately was responsible for the arrest and death of Jesus?

What crimes was he accused of?    Why would Judas have betrayed him?
Examine the political climate of the day and the crucial elements behind his arrest.


Scholars examine the likelihood of the Bible's depiction of Pontius Pilate as a reluctant executioner.

              Christianity began in unconventional churches.

     The Knights Templar are formed to defend Christianity.

       Discover the True Name of Jesus!

Would you be surprised to learn that Jesus Christ's name was not and IS not Jesus Christ?  The real surprise is that most Christians don't know this!  Most do not even know what the word "Christian" means!  Before we get to Jesus' true given name, let's discuss the meaning of the word "Christian".

To begin, "Christ" is not Jesus' last name.  In the Christian religious tradition, Jesus is thought of as "the Christ" and thus he is referred to as "Jesus Christ".  The word "Christ"actually means "the Light of God made manifest in physical form".  Of course, that would indeed describe the man we know as Jesus.  However, it also describes you and me and everyone and everything!  For God is everything at every moment everywhere! God is Creation itself!

In the New Testament, we read that the man known as Jesus sought to heighten the awareness of people and remind us that we are Divine creations of light.  He said: "Have I not said ye too are Gods?" and "As I have done, so you too shall do".  This man never came here to proclaim himself superior to anyone.  But he certainly was a special man because he was AWARE that he was no better or worse than any other of God's creations.  The man known as Jesus sought to impart this wisdom to others.  But at the time, his concepts proved to be too radical and posed a threat to those in authority - and so he was ultimately destroyed for expressing them.

Now, what is Jesus' true given name?  His name is recorded in the original scriptures as
YASHUA BEN YOSEF.  This is translated into English directly as "Annointed One who is Son of Joseph."  Then how did we end up calling him "Jesus"?  That's simply a habit we've fallen into.  "Jesus" is a mistranslation into English from a mistranslation into Latin from a Mistranslation from the Greek word "Iesous" from a rough translation from the oirignal Hebrew "Yashua" (or "Yeshua")
.  The name "Jesus" never existed in any culture until it was cobbled together over many centuries of inept  scriptural translations.  In fact, there was never even a letter "J" in the Roman alphabet until the 17th century.  Certain Romance languages (i.e. those based upon original Latin) such as Italian to this day still do not include the letter "J" in their alphabet.

Bear in mind,
Yashua Ben Yosef's name is not the only thing that has fallen prey to poor translation and revision over the past 2 thousand years.  The collection of books that we know as The Bible have been edited, added too, re-worded, "updated" and changed and continue to be so.  For more information on this, please go to the CENSORED BOOKS OF THE BIBLE page.
  KNOWsis is a website designed expressly for open-minded spiritual explorers of all ages and faiths.     http://knowsis.webs.com/hisnamewasnotjesus.htm 

                             Latter Days Soundtrack



Hymn for those

left behind


He always gravitates to the minor key(s)
As he navigates his way away from me
He claims a guardian for every sailor in the storm
But where are the patrons for those left on the shore

And as the darkness falls around me
He takes my hand and starts to pray
This is a hymn for all those left behind
This is a prayer for every heart left barren
This is a call for all the saints to be reminded
To sing a hymn for all those left behind

She only dreams in shades of gray these days
Now that her children have all grown
And though her husband sleeps just two feet away
When she wakes she feels alone

And as the dawn comes trough the window
She lies awake, tries to recall
If there's a hymn for all those left behind
If there's a prayer for every heart left barren
If there's a call for all the saints to be reminded
To sing a hymn for all those left behind

If I don't make it pass the judgement
If they never let me in
Promise me a mention
In that hymn

This is a hymn for all those left behind
This is a prayer for every heart left barren
This is a call for all the saints to be reminded
To sing a hymn for all those left behind

This is a hymn for all those left behind
This is a prayer for every heart left barren
This is a call for all the saints to be reminded
To sing a hymn for all those left behind

                  (Shannon Moore)

       boyanski | June 27, 2009