YASHUA BEN YOSEF   alias for;  Jesus 


From; "Life and Teachings of The Masters Of The Far East"

                By Baird T. Spalding  "I share these thoughts" Michael.

I used to think that Jesus was sent to remit sins. That Jesus was the Great Mediator between myself and God. That Jesus could reason with God on my/our behalf who at times seems to be a stern and angry God. A God sitting off in some place called heaven located somewhere we really do not know except for in the consciousness of our own minds.

Now to me, the birth and death of Jesus brought about a conscious awareness of how God wanted us all to live. Jesus was the Great Holy and Divine Liberator of mankind from all material bondage and limitations. The most Divine teacher of them all.

Jesus (to me)came to earth to show more fully the way to the real God, as God wanted Jesus to do. To show that God is all Wisdom, all Truth, and most importantly All in All. Jesus was sent by God to show that God does not only dwells without us but within us. That God never is, nor can be separated from us or any of Gods creations. That God came to us through Jesus to show that we might have a fuller understanding of life here on earth and that all mortal limitations are but man-made. Through the love of Jesus he showed us Gods love as just and loving. That the same Christ that lives in Jesus lives in us all.

Many Christians believe and are convinced that God is ever willing and ready to reveal Gods self to all mankind as God has done to Jesus and others. By our own free will we let God come forth. I now believe with all sincerity that we are created equal; that all men are one man; that the miracles done by Jesus can be and will be done by all. As mysterious as God is, its actually our mortal concept of mans true purpose on earth that mystifies me. For me the souls main purpose is to fully realize itself while in the body. That the concept of God within us, and us within God; that God should become realized through you. Thus, the concept of God is turned into experience that God may also know of Self through our experiences. Other wise God could only imagine it.

Half-length portrait of younger man with shoulder-length hair and beard, with right hand raised over what appears to be a red flame. The upper background is gold. Around his head is a golden halo containing an equal-armed cross with three arms visible; the arms are decorated with ovals and squares.