The Achilles Effect-Wounded by Religion, Healed by Faith

Posted by Michael on December 29, 2014 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (0)

We know that people are not their religion, they are more then that,they are spirit. Our book is to help people remember that. 

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The Achilles Effect-Wounded by Religion, Healed by Faith


Based upon a true story, The Achilles Effect chronicles God experiencing life through me as a gay man. Even before the deadly car wreck I barely survived, people encouraged me to write a book about coming out as a gay airplane mechanic. In 1992, gay employees did not have equal protection under the law; I could have been fired for admitting my sexual orientation. Although I grew up Catholic, neither my parents nor my siblings put the beliefs of the church above the love for their family.

Several denominations have closed their doors to practicing homosexuals, referring to it as a choice. Some priests have even denied communion to those who support the gay movement. Catholics for equality organized the Rainbow Sash Movement. Fundamentalist Christians brought to the workplace their misconception of the gay population as sick, immoral people in need of saving. This bullying left me with only three choices: 1. Quit Northwest Airlines in order to go work for a gay friendly company. 2. Go back to drinking. 3. Challenge Northwest Airlines to take a stand against the bigotry that ran rampant, not only out in the hangars where I worked, but throughout the entire corporation as well.

As a direct result of my efforts, Northwest Airlines became the first large domestic air carrier to join the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association in 1994. Since Northwest flew to eight of the top ten gay destinations, it made sense to the powers that be that this would increase their bottom line. This stance also changed the way all airlines treated their gay employees and customers.

Modern-day spiritual teachers explain the concept of God much better than any fundamental conservative’s fear-based religion which uses bullying to promote their leaders’ own agendas. Our parents’ generation taught that God represented all love, yet demonstrated He’s just a bigot. Is this how you want your children to perceive God as well? When people use the Bible to demonize others, we should close and retire that outdated book.

I invite the Jerry Farwell's the Mike Huckabee's the Pat Buchanan's of America to recognize the division they created in America. I challenge them to evolve from a creature of habit to now experience life as God created us to be, a ‘self-created-being.’ I ask the Catholic Church, the pope, and all denominations to apologize to their members for turning them into ‘creatures-of-habit’ rather than ‘self-created-beings’ as Jesus taught us.

An apology owns up to the mockery the churches have made of Jesus and of God. It brings forth a higher level of truth or understanding as God is not a selfish Republican thinking only of self, and conservative Christians can evolve.

Come read how God experiences life through a gay man, as God should experience life through us all. It will help you remember who you are in the process of knowing the love of God. Do you accept your parents’ feared-based religion as your concept of God instead of the true unconditional love of God? A simple denial of God’s love is hell enough; God doesn’t need a literal hell. Doesn’t your soul yearn to be like God?